Wine Down Menus for the Last Week of August!

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White Wine Menu:

Hoisin Chicken Lettuce Wraps
with scallion, peanuts, & local basil

Paired with a complex, dry Riesling from Germany by Seebrich Oelberg

Wonton Nachos
with jack cheese, black beans, salsa fresca, crema

Paired with a French blend from Michel Gassier

Blackened Tuna
with roasted tomato, goat cheese, grits

Paired with St. Kilda Chardonnay from Australia

Red Wine Menu:

Blue Corn Tamales
with braised pork and ranchero sauce

Pairs wonderfully with a lovely Bordeaux that is 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet

BBQ Glazed Salmon
with grilled potatoes, garlic, & kale

Paired with another French blend that is similar to Chateau Neuf de Pape by Michel Gassier

Local Wild Mushroom & Steak Risotto
with chanterelles, oysters, polypores, and red wine redux

Paired with Tessellae of Southern France with has a touch of white to add to its complexity

Olde Mill 5k Fun Run

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Perfect weather
Our runners tackled some challenging hills
We have the best volunteers.

This was our second Olde Mill Fun Run 5k to benefit the local chapter of Relay for Life and the Laurel Fork Volunteer Fire Department.  It was a beautiful day to get out and sweat a little for two worthy causes.  Make your plans to be here for next years Fun Run.  Thanks to all these folks who helped us raise over 500 dollars! :

Mark Joyce 20:36

Shannon Atkins 20:46

Matt Hall  22:18

Emma Wyatt  24:02

Tyler Young  24:03

Ben McDonald  25:50

Scott Joyce  27:00

David Brintle  28:57

Dave Hefner 29:02

Brad Harrell  29:46

Erica Hefner  30:34

Kerry Campbell  31:21

Kate McDonald  36:12

Debbie Brintle  37:00

Christi Leone  37:03

John and Nora Tracy 38:00

Dee Dalton 38:09

David Pereira  39:12

Beth Stanley  45:33

Kathy Pereira 46:43

Haley Slaughter 48:20

Tracey Payne  49:00

Kelsey Daniels 49:00

Charlie Webb 57:00

Special thanks to Sherry Slaughter, Duncan Slaughter, Haley Slaughter for helping set up this event.  Thanks to the firemen and spotters to help get everyone out and in safely.  I would be lost without you!

Chef Ed



Perfect weather for a walk or run

Wine Down Thursday Menus 6-19-14

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White Wine Pairings:


Bouillabaisse  –  fennel, saffron, fresh seafood, tomato

Paired with Sophenia “Alto Sur”, Sauvignon Blanc, Argentina


Fish Tacos  –  avocado, tomato, corn, scallion

Paired with La Craie, Chennin Blanc, France


Chicken Roulade  –  basil, onion, spinach, mozzarella

Paired with Charles Smith, Chardonnay, Washington


Red Pairings:


Local Greens  –  watercress, leaf, baby romaine, blue cheese vinaigrette, bacon

Paired with Santa Barbara, Pinot Noir, California


Spinach Cannelloni  –  ricotta, herbs, marinara

Paired with Mocali, Rosso Toscano, Italy


Braised Short Ribs  –  creamy polenta, natural reduction sauce

Paired with Gran Passione, Rosso, Italy