Wine Down Thursday Menus 6-19-14

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White Wine Pairings:


Bouillabaisse  –  fennel, saffron, fresh seafood, tomato

Paired with Sophenia “Alto Sur”, Sauvignon Blanc, Argentina


Fish Tacos  –  avocado, tomato, corn, scallion

Paired with La Craie, Chennin Blanc, France


Chicken Roulade  –  basil, onion, spinach, mozzarella

Paired with Charles Smith, Chardonnay, Washington


Red Pairings:


Local Greens  –  watercress, leaf, baby romaine, blue cheese vinaigrette, bacon

Paired with Santa Barbara, Pinot Noir, California


Spinach Cannelloni  –  ricotta, herbs, marinara

Paired with Mocali, Rosso Toscano, Italy


Braised Short Ribs  –  creamy polenta, natural reduction sauce

Paired with Gran Passione, Rosso, Italy

Dinner Specials

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North Carolina Tile Fish $24
Light, flaky filet atop shrimp studded mash potatoes with lemon and asparagus

Grilled Wahoo Salad $16
A delicious combination of heirloom tomatoes, local greens, avocado, basil and balsamic vinaigrette along with this wild caught Virginia fish

Hawaiian Marlin $23
Complimented with a red Thai rice and tropical salsa

Fish and Chips : Cod

Featured Wines:

Gran Passione, Rosso, Italy
60% merlot and 40% dried corvina grapes give this blend a unique depth while remaining light in body. $7 by the glass or $25 by the bottle

Pozzan, Chardonnay, California
This is a great balance between the rich chards and the oakless chards. Pairs with seafood wonderfully. $8 by the glass or $29 by the bottle

Weekend Specials

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Fresh Tomato Salad $6
with avocado relish, sherry vinaigrette, herb mayo

Crab-stuffed Artichokes $10
with pepper remoulade and quail egg

Wild Caught Virginia Catfish $18
Atop an Italian sausage risotto

Stuffed Chicken $16
With tomato-fennel sauce and penne pasta

Grilled 14 oz. Ribeye $26
Warm potato salad and mushroom demi-glace

7 oz. Lobster Tail $29
With horseradish mashed Yukons and tomato-herb butter

Gran Passione, Rosso, Italy $7 by the glass/$25 by the bottle
Santa Luz, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile $5/$19