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     One of our most exciting projects of 2010 is the nature trails and parks.  This is going to enhance the amenities of Olde Mill Resort as well as add to the overall mountain experience when here on the Blue Ridge.  Bo and I are lucky enough to be involved in the initial stages of development.  That basically means we get to hack our way through thick brush and briers to find all those hidden spots of beauty and solitude along our riverbanks. 

      It is perfect weather for any outdoor activity, and the water already is tempting for a icy cool dip.  Alright, it may be too early for a swim but it wasn’t too early to experience the wonders of mother nature.  We have some beautiful views of gentle rapids, rock formations and wildlife.  The wild turkeys were out today and there were plenty of deer frolicking through the woods.  We also admired the work of some very busy beavers on the fallen trees near the riverbanks.  We were accompanied, or supervised if you will, by Abagail and Mocha (my two Labradors).  They spent many an hour retrieving sticks in the river and enjoying all the scents of wildlife.  It really is doggie heaven up here.  

      We have a lot of work ahead, and our grounds crew is going to be creating even more things to improve our beautiful getaway in the mountains.  They are in the process of clearing underbrush near our riverbanks for family picnics and fishing access.  We also plan to have one heck of a course for tubing!  There will be bridges for crossing the river safely and play grounds for the kids.  Of course this is just the beginning of what’s to come.  We are all working hard to make Olde Mill a mountain paradise.

      Stay tuned for further updates on all the exciting things happening at Olde Mill Resort.

 Chef Ed

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Road Tripping to Canadian Wineries

 On our recent trip to Toronto, we were able to spend some time in the heart of Canada’s wine country.  That’s right, Canada has hundreds of wineries.  We don’t hear too much about them here in the U.S. because they rarely export due to the high export taxes.  The good news is that most wineries are just a short drive across the border and Americans pay only a tiny tax, if any, upon return through customs.  Yes, I did bring back a lot of wine!  I was pleasantly surprised to find many high quality wines from the Ontario area.  Specifically, the Niagra-on-the-Lake area had fantastic wines with a wide range of varietals.  The area is best known for Rieslings and icewines, however, I found all the other great whites and reds that I love as well.  I spent some time with the great people at Peller Estates and tasted a lot of varieties.  These are some of my favorites.

 2006 Private Reserve Late Harvest Vidal

If you are in Canada, you better drink some icewine and this is a great example of it.  Icewine is sweet and smooth without the syrup consistency you may get from other wines.  Delicious

 2008 Private Reserve Gewurztraminer

It only makes since that a region known for great Riesling would also produce quality Gewurztraminer.  This is a great example of how it is done right.  Slightly citrus with melon and pineapple flavors.  Great mouth feel that would lend itself to any seafood or chicken dishes.  But I could just sit down on a warm spring day on the front porch and enjoy a glass all by itself.

 2007 Private Reserve Pinot Noir

This is not the super sweet fruit bomb Pinots such as California or Oregon.  Ten months in oak barrels make this more complex and interesting than your garden variety Pinot Noir.  Dried fruit flavors are still prominent but an almost cranberry tannin finish makes this one unique.

 Ice Cuvee

Sparkling wine made with Chardonnay and finished with a touch of icewine.  This is one of the best sparkling wines I have had the pleasure of enjoying in quite some time.  It has great carbonation with fresh tropical fruit and citrus flavors complimented by the silky balance of the icewine.  This wine is going to bring me back to the area very soon when I run out of what I already purchased.

 If you have the chance to visit this area just north of the border, make sure you set aside plenty of time for wine tasting and shopping.  There are over 250 bed and breakfast establishments in this tiny town.  Tons of great restaurants and shops are located here as well.  And of course, the Falls are just down the road, a must see no matter how many times you may have seen them before!

 Mechelle is pictured here with Nancy Nichols, Peller Estates Wine Consultant

 Chef Ed

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Chef Ed in Toronto
What a great day at the Toronto Golf show!  We met so many people the first day it hard to even give it a headcount.  Many of the golfers we met had been to Olde Mill in the past and were already planning to visit us this April or May.  We also were able to inform many Canadians of our world class golf resort on the Blue Ridge who had never had the pleasure of playing it.  We found others yet who were just interested in staying a few nights with us and taking in the swimming, hiking and site seeing that we have to offer.  It is a great indicator that 2010 is going to be a great year at Olde Mill and another chance to make new relationships that will last a lifetime.  If you are in the Toronto area, you still have Saturday and Sunday to meet us in person and get the best tee times locked in for this spring and summer.  Its first come, first serve so don’t get left out.  See you at the show!

Chef Ed

On the way to Canada!

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Chef Ed with Vines

As we journey to the our north for the Toronto Golf and Travel Show, we set aside some time to visit the heart of Canada’s wine country. Over 500 wineries are located in Canada and 98% of those are located in Ontario and B.C. That is a pretty intense concentration of vines! It also makes it possible for quite a few tastings this week. Canada is famous for its ice wines and rieslings. However, I am quickly finding out that there is so much more here to offer the discerning wine connoisseurs. I have been routinely surprised by the variety of grapes grown here and the quality of the reds here. I will fill you in on all the juicy details as we tackle these delicious creations this weekend. It is a tough job but someone has to do it!

Chef Ed