2012 PGA Show Orlando

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This year I am attending for the very first time the vastly popular PGA merchandise show in sunny Florida. I must say that of all the many trade shows I have attended over the years, that this one takes the cake!

Well, let’s just start with the sheer size of the thing…..massive. It is not the kind of event you just dip in and out of like window shopping at the local mall. You become immersed in a seemingly endless sea of all the newest, cutting edge equipment and clothing lines that the global golf market has to offer. Everything from belts to balls. I was just amazed at the selection. I probably spent an hour of day one just talking to different vendors about the different options available in synthetic turf. There is nothing you can’t find here, and in abundance.

It is also a great place to meet a celebrities. Naturally there were golf stars like Jack Nicklaus, Davis Love and Butch Harmon. I saw other sports stars such as Ken Griffy Jr. and Jonny Damon. Not to mention the one and only George Thoughrogood playing live music. It has a little bit of that red carpet feeling for sure.

An interesting theme that seems to be growing in the golf industry is one of technology. Upon my arrival to the media room, I was given a badge for access not unlike most any other seminar or conference. The difference in this tag was the QR bar code that was printed on each one of them. Using my smart phone, I was able to scan the QR code which led me straight to the download page for the PGA 2012 app. This app allowed me to see every vender’s location on the showroom floor. This made for ease of travel when going by the multitudes of guests and vendors alike. I can also get the email addresses, phone numbers, and any special promotions each company has to offer all from my phone. Kudos to the PGA for their forward thinking.

The main reason for my visit here is to see the new trends in the golf industry. This is the place to get new ideas and exchange dialogue with fellow industry comrades. I ran into many local golf professionals of which I have worked with over the years. The importance of this event is reflected by the thousands of pros who attend this event annually. The PGA Show sets it’s guests up for a successful 2012. I am glad that I have attended this invaluable resource and look forward to day #2 of discovering all the innovations this industry has to offer.

PGA show

2012 Excitement

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During these cold winter days on the mountain, I spend my time planning next years menus, wine list, and special events.  It is shaping up to be a busy year in 2012.  We have already confirmed our involvement with the Bud Break Wine Festival for this spring.  I am proud to say that we have been there from the inception of this event.  The coq au vin was a big hit last year.  I am cooking up something different for this year’s event.  Rest assured that it will be laced with local wine!

We have also made plans to have a Titanic dinner and play to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her famous crash.  The food will be replications of the menu items that were served on the ship back in the day.

Wine Wednesday and Seafood Feast every other Friday will continue this summer as well.  That is always a crowd-pleaser.

Looking towards the fall, we will have our 2nd annual Harvestfest!  This was my favorite event of the year.  I see this growing leaps and bounds over the next several years.  It will be earlier in the season so that we can host even more farmers and vendors.

Of course, this is the 40th anniversary of Olde Mill g0lf course, so Bo will have all kinds of great things associated with this benchmark year.

This is just a taste of what is to come in 2012.  I will keep you updated over the next few weeks of more fun at Olde Mill!

Chef Ed