Plenty of businesses consider offering a golf outing and we’re sure you’ve met someone who’s attended one before.

They’re great fun and an excellent way to hang out with the people in your business who make the most out of your job! However, have you ever considered the other benefits?

  • It’s a stand-out move. Making your staff or clients feel as though they’re worth the extra effort of planning a golf outing (which takes nearly nothing at Olde Mill!) can make a difference in morale, relationships, and general satisfaction of the business itself.
  • You’ll increase awareness of your brand. Lots of businesses take the golf outing opportunity to offer t-shirts, cups, towels, and other merchandise that features their logo. Some companies go as far as hiring a photographer for the event – a smart idea to capture the memories for everyone, even those who weren’t able to attend.
  • If you decide to invite current and prospective clients, you can allow for them to mix and mingle naturally and they’ll most likely discuss your relationship and the nature of your business together with one another. Networking can be a magical thing.
  • You know what they say – a well run golf day reflects your business and how it runs. Okay, don’t quote us on that but it’s true! If you give off the impression of a smooth, easy flow, people will take it as an indicator that you have things handled. Mismatched schedules and mixups can happen in the blink of an eye without proper planning, making it look like no one knows what’s going on, something none of us want to happen.

Above all, use the opportunity to thank and recognize your staff/employees/clients/whomever you decide to invite. Giving the opportunity for these individuals to feel appreciated can improve your relationships with them and motivate them to continue with their progressions.