Having fun is the most important part of your stay at Olde Mill.

Knowing a few things about what to expect on the golf course can help ensure that everyone, including those around you, are having a great time as well! This applies to all levels of golfers – we’re not picking at inexperience here. We simply want to mention what can make things enjoyable for all players that are on the course!

  • If you happen to be playing with a beginner, try to remember you were once a beginner. Help them to learn the game by encouraging and having fun with them. Teach them the basics of etiquette along the way – learning the hard way is always the best experience!
  • Leave the negativity out of it. Compliments, helpful suggestions and keeping a good attitude are all great things to bring with you on golf day. Avoid complaining about bad shots, giving “advice”, (everyone is just having a good time!), and being rude to other players.
  • Playing through is helpful. This means maybe your group is going slower and you can see the group behind you in a hurry or getting frustrated with your speed in general, so you let them play their round first. We suggest marking your balls and just waiting it out. Folks who just wanted a quick round will appreciate it and if you’ve got the time, why not!

Basically, the general practices of life like common courtesy are what we’re talking about here. Nothing special, just treat your neighbor as you’d like to be treated! People of all skill levels started off brand new and the Ellis Maples course is a perfect place to test your skills!

For an official PGA Golf Etiquette list, click this link!