It gets cold quickly here in VA. Then hot. Then cold. Autumn just cannot make up it’s mind.

Fall is tricky around here, and peak leaf season is a short burst of a couple beautiful weeks on the Ellis Maples Golf Course. But if you’re looking to get a little more out of the season (before you freeze out!), then here are a few simple tips.


  • Stiff muscles because of cold weather? Get moving! Doing simple exercises like lunges and arm circles can really get your blood pumping, keeping your body much warmer than standing still.
  • Layer up! Wearing the proper clothing layers at a time can help you maintain your body heat easily by simply taking one or two layers off, and when you feel the chill coming back on, you’ve got plenty of options to warm up with.
  • Bring along some warm drinks – taking a sip of hot chocolate or coffee will warm your belly while the cup warms your hands!
  • Avoid the golf cart if at all possible. It might seem tempting, but the extra wind and sitting still will probably chill you. Walk the course and keep your body moving with a steady pace.
  • Buy hand warmers and heat patches for a little extra help! This one is self explanatory, but its an easy way to keep warm!


And, when you’re ready to come inside just know that Olde Mill will be waiting for you! If you decide to play and stay, our beds are cozy and warm and the comfort of our rooms will take away any chills you might have gotten on the course.