Snow Golf Tips

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Snow Golf is the ultimate sport for avid golf players in the “off” season.

We know it seems crazy, but there is a level of serious dedication that we didn’t realize comes along with golf playing territory. We know people who hate the winter simply for the unrealistic conditions that the season seems to bring along. But, as always, humanity has found a way around that and people are putting on their winter gear and heading out the door, golf clubs in hand.


There are a few tips and tricks that can help your adventure into snow golfing go a little bit smoother, here’s what we found:

  • Dress warm. This may seem like common sense, but don’t take hypothermia lightly. 
  • Take a friend! It may take a little extra convincing, but this isn’t an activity to take on by yourself. (Especially first timers.)
  • Use COLORED balls. It’s going to be hard to find a white ball in a drift of snow.
  • Stay hydrated. You won’t realize you’re getting thirsty in these temperatures, just keep it in the back of your mind.
  • Use your Thermos/Yeti cups. Keep hot beverages/soups hot the whole time you’re outside, giving you something warm to motivate yourself with!

These ideas can make your snow golf trip a little less chilly and a lot more fun!

Are you guys involved in any other “extreme” winter sports? Let us know! 

Make The Most Of Fall Golfing

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It gets cold quickly here in VA. Then hot. Then cold. Autumn just cannot make up it’s mind.

Fall is tricky around here, and peak leaf season is a short burst of a couple beautiful weeks on the Ellis Maples Golf Course. But if you’re looking to get a little more out of the season (before you freeze out!), then here are a few simple tips.


  • Stiff muscles because of cold weather? Get moving! Doing simple exercises like lunges and arm circles can really get your blood pumping, keeping your body much warmer than standing still.
  • Layer up! Wearing the proper clothing layers at a time can help you maintain your body heat easily by simply taking one or two layers off, and when you feel the chill coming back on, you’ve got plenty of options to warm up with.
  • Bring along some warm drinks – taking a sip of hot chocolate or coffee will warm your belly while the cup warms your hands!
  • Avoid the golf cart if at all possible. It might seem tempting, but the extra wind and sitting still will probably chill you. Walk the course and keep your body moving with a steady pace.
  • Buy hand warmers and heat patches for a little extra help! This one is self explanatory, but its an easy way to keep warm!


And, when you’re ready to come inside just know that Olde Mill will be waiting for you! If you decide to play and stay, our beds are cozy and warm and the comfort of our rooms will take away any chills you might have gotten on the course.



Golf Etiquette Tips for Beginners – Olde Mill Golf Resort

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Having fun is the most important part of your stay at Olde Mill.

Knowing a few things about what to expect on the golf course can help ensure that everyone, including those around you, are having a great time as well! This applies to all levels of golfers – we’re not picking at inexperience here. We simply want to mention what can make things enjoyable for all players that are on the course!

  • If you happen to be playing with a beginner, try to remember you were once a beginner. Help them to learn the game by encouraging and having fun with them. Teach them the basics of etiquette along the way – learning the hard way is always the best experience!
  • Leave the negativity out of it. Compliments, helpful suggestions and keeping a good attitude are all great things to bring with you on golf day. Avoid complaining about bad shots, giving “advice”, (everyone is just having a good time!), and being rude to other players.
  • Playing through is helpful. This means maybe your group is going slower and you can see the group behind you in a hurry or getting frustrated with your speed in general, so you let them play their round first. We suggest marking your balls and just waiting it out. Folks who just wanted a quick round will appreciate it and if you’ve got the time, why not!

Basically, the general practices of life like common courtesy are what we’re talking about here. Nothing special, just treat your neighbor as you’d like to be treated! People of all skill levels started off brand new and the Ellis Maples course is a perfect place to test your skills!

For an official PGA Golf Etiquette list, click this link!

Best Days of the Week to Play Golf at Olde Mill

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We Know The Best Days To Play Golf!

And it might sound cheesy, but it’s any day YOU – the golfer – come and treat yourself to play!

All year round we get to experience the smiles, laughs, and eye-widening from customers that come from all over the world to play golf at our incredible Ellis Maples. We’ve got unbelievable views no matter where you turn, so while this post may be a little bit silly, we want you to understand that there is no bad day to come to Olde Mill!

There are plenty of activities in the area if your golf round gets rained out, and lucky for us, the rain never sticks around too long! Hiking, kayaking, wineries to explore, and tons of Blue Ridge Parkway attractions. Being less than 5 minutes away from the Parkway offers our visitors easy access to  one of America’s favorite scenic routes! We’ve got a local area guide to help you decide on the other activities available to jump in on while you’re here!

If you need any further help planning your stay, call us to ask about less crowded times and exciting events happening at Olde Mill! Depending on the activities/holiday timing, our schedule is always changing and we’d love to give you the most accurate update on the information you’re looking for. 

Why Hosting a Corporate Golf Outing Is A Great Idea

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Plenty of businesses consider offering a golf outing and we’re sure you’ve met someone who’s attended one before.

They’re great fun and an excellent way to hang out with the people in your business who make the most out of your job! However, have you ever considered the other benefits?

  • It’s a stand-out move. Making your staff or clients feel as though they’re worth the extra effort of planning a golf outing (which takes nearly nothing at Olde Mill!) can make a difference in morale, relationships, and general satisfaction of the business itself.
  • You’ll increase awareness of your brand. Lots of businesses take the golf outing opportunity to offer t-shirts, cups, towels, and other merchandise that features their logo. Some companies go as far as hiring a photographer for the event – a smart idea to capture the memories for everyone, even those who weren’t able to attend.
  • If you decide to invite current and prospective clients, you can allow for them to mix and mingle naturally and they’ll most likely discuss your relationship and the nature of your business together with one another. Networking can be a magical thing.
  • You know what they say – a well run golf day reflects your business and how it runs. Okay, don’t quote us on that but it’s true! If you give off the impression of a smooth, easy flow, people will take it as an indicator that you have things handled. Mismatched schedules and mixups can happen in the blink of an eye without proper planning, making it look like no one knows what’s going on, something none of us want to happen.

Above all, use the opportunity to thank and recognize your staff/employees/clients/whomever you decide to invite. Giving the opportunity for these individuals to feel appreciated can improve your relationships with them and motivate them to continue with their progressions.

We are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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Beautiful view this morning of a rainbow starting at the putting green, spanning over Maples Restaurant and into the lake on hole 10.  Its a bit breezy and soggy here but we were spared from the torrential downpours and flooding that our neighbors are suffering.  We are looking forward to resuming our normal weather for this time of year by tomorrow!!  Thankfully next week’s forecast looks perfect with temps around 65 and (most importantly) NO RAIN!!!

Golf and Beer

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Local and seasonal brewsMany people believe that there is no finer match than that of golf and beer (not nessarily in that order). With that in mind, we always make sure to have plenty of ice cold brews for our guests as they make their way around this challenging Maples golf course. It is common practice at golf courses to serve beeverages in non-glass containers as a safety precaution. In other words, most beers come in cans. For many golfers that is not an inconvenience because their favorite beers come in cans. As for the lovers of imports, seasonals, or microbrews, they usually aren’t so lucky on the links. For them, they may have to wait until their round is complete to get their beverage of choice at the restaurant. As a result of the growing number of folks who like craft beers, we have expanded our canned beer selection to give our golfers more diversity in beer styles. It is something that you will see grow and change seasonally as we gain access to more craft brews. We just wanted to let you know that beer is important to us too. Cheers!

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

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Mother’s Day Brunch

Maples Restaurant

Sunday 11:30 until 2:30

 Garden Salads ~ Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Tomato Basil Bisque

Sliced Pork Loin with Port- Soaked Stone Fruit

Prime Rib with Horseradish

Crab Cakes with Dijon Sauce

Ashley Farms Chicken ~ Peel & Eat Shrimp

Oysters on the Half-Shell ~ Mushroom Risotto

Mashed Potatoes ~ White Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Artisan Cheeses ~ Handmade Desserts ~ Fresh Fruits

Special Tastings from The Chef!

 Adults $28, children $12

Reservations Recommended!


As always, everyone invited!